What You Need to Know About Telehealth Services

What is Telehealth? 

Telehealth, also referred to as telemedicine, is a virtual medical service that enables patients to communicate with healthcare providers live, via video chat over the phone or tablet. Patients can send and receive secure messages to and from their physicians using email, texts, and even file exchanges for medical documents.  

Types of services available via Telehealth include: 


Monitoring and treatment of chronic or recurring conditions  

Managing prescriptions 

Receiving Test results 

Follow up appointments 

Non-Emergency care such as for colds, flu, aches, and pains

Who can use Telehealth? 

Susan was diagnosed with chronic hypertension (high blood pressure). She has a mobile phone with cellular internet access. Her physician offers telehealth services that allow her to text her vital signs such as weight, blood pressure, and temperature to her physician for each checkup. Susan loves this service because she no longer is required to physically attend her scheduled appointments for checkups and prescription refills.  

Tom had an annual checkup with his doctor last week. He will be able to get his lab test results and other vital information about managing certain health conditions he has via video chat with his physician.    

John would like to inquire about decreasing the dosage on his prescription. He does not prefer an in-person appointment this time and would like to consult with his physician via video chat. Telehealth is the perfect solution to help save time and effectively meet his medical needs. 

Why are telehealth services important? 

Telehealth is a growing trend in health care, mostly because of the convenience it offers to both
patients and physicians. The Covi-19 pandemic presented a need for contactless, virtual medical
services in cases where patients can self-manage their medical care with virtual guidance from
medical professionals.

Limited physical contact

Enables virtual visits from any location

Decrease travel, time off from work, and the need for child-care

Virtual health care tools can shorten the wait for an appointment

Increased access to specialists who are located far away from your hometown

How is telehealth paid for?  

Most insurance providers cover at least some form of telehealth service. Contact the insurance providers you accept to see if they cover reimbursement for any telehealth services (www.telehealth.hhs.gov).

For more information about healthcare coverage that covers Telehealth and other medical
services, call Jackson Insurance Group at (662)432-1698.

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