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Letisha Jackson

I am a mother, wife, CEO, podcast host, and the woman who can help you take your insurance agency to new heights!

Insurance Group

Jackson Insurance Group provides affordable solutions to fit each client needs. We offer Medicare Plans, Rx Plans, Dental/Vision, Health Insurance, and Life Insurance for individuals, families, and small business owners.

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Healthy Talks

The Healthy Talks With My HealthCare Lady Podcast is where we will promote being Happy, Healthy, and Insured through conversation. This podcast will bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and career driven professionals.

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What My Clients Think

"Thank you, Letisha Jackson, on a lot of levels. I have been in the insurance game as an independent agent for four years. And I hit some rough spots in my life this last year. Just know that not all agents/agencies start with a bang is a breath of fresh air! Through your humbleness, insight, creative marketing, tactics, and processes, I am inspired with many ideas but will be working with purpose and pace myself because intention and consistency is key! I’m ready to crush it. Xoxo thanks!"

Evelyn Strom

"Day 1 was a complete success, sorry for talking so much!!! As I said, my goal is to dominate the ACA by making sure that my entire community is protected. Continuing to doing the little things for the community even when commissions isn’t a factor will ensure that I’m successful because my efforts are genuine and God is directing my path. Major shoutout to Letisha Jackson for the affirmation that I’m living my purpose and you being my Aaron as I deliver the message that’s required of me will get me there!!!"

Tracy Badger

"Whew! Where do I begin.. I would like to thank Letisha Jackson for providing such an excellent course that will allow me to reach my goals. When you enter the insurance industry no one informs you that in order to make it. You must have an open mindset and understand your purpose. Thank you again for every question you've answered for me, and also for creating a course that will help new and old agents grow their business and reach their goals."

LaShunda Simmons

"Thank you, Letisha Jackson, for awesome leadership and coaching in your Six Figure Course. I've been in business a while, but I had gotten complacent and that started to take on some poor business-building habits. I was looking for actionable processes, and your course was delivered. I'm excited to put the tools taught to work and recharge the growth. Much appreciated"

Dee Porter

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