Jackson Insurance Group Owners Highlighted in Daily Journal, Discuss Business Journey

Darnell and Letisha Jackson, owners of Jackson Insurance Group, were recently featured in The Daily Journal, where they discussed their business and their journey to success.

The company got its start in the back of Letisha’s mind when she was working as a general insurance agent and Darnell was working as a supervisor at an area manufacturing plant. They started small – very small. ‘Then about two years ago, we got into the incubator office because working from home on the kitchen table wasn’t working,” she said with a laugh. “Then a year ago, we decided we needed office space where people could come and see us, and we were blessed to be able to move downstairs.’…The Jacksons didn’t have all the resources they needed at the start but slowly worked to get what they needed to get the business started. They were willing to make sacrifices to make it work. 

“It was a great honor to be featured in The Daily Journal,” said Letisha Jackson. “We are so thankful that God has blessed our business and it is our goal to bless others through the work that we do.”

To check out the full article, click here.


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