Jackson Insurance Group Discusses Changing Trends in Health Care Coverage by Consumers

On August 15, 2018, Georgetown University Health Policy Institute published an issue brief discussing insurance brokers’ perspectives on changes to individual health insurance due to federal policy changes. Letisha Jackson of Jackson Insurance Group was one of the many brokers that were interviewed for the study.

There were four main conclusions taken from the study:

  1. “Healthy, higher-income consumers are being pushed out of the individual health insurance market.”
  2. “Those leaving the individual market are purchasing cheaper alternative coverage options.”
  3. “Non-ACA-compliant plans offer higher commissions and marketing supports.”
  4. “Brokers predict higher premiums in the individual market and expanded enrollment in alternative coverage options like short-term health plans.”

The brief is currently available to read on The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website.

About Georgetown’s Health Policy Institute–Center on Health Insurance Reforms

The Center on Health Insurance Reforms at Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute is a nonpartisan, expert team of faculty and staff dedicated to conducting research on the complex and developing relationship between state and federal oversight of the health insurance marketplace.

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