Group Insurance Plans

Jackson Insurance Group provides flexible options to help you select the plan designs that will benefit your group the most. Whether you are a small business owner with less than 50 employees or a large corporation with 1,000 employees, we have the tools and sources to customize your every need.

Low Premiums

Group plans spread risk across a pool of insured individuals.

Low Risk Management

Group plans give a clearer idea of who they are covering.

Simple to Obtain

Plans are easy to start, and easy to maintain. No confusion involved at all.

How Does Group Insurance Work?

> Coverage is generally guaranteed issue
> You need at least one employee to qualify
> You must contribute toward employee premiums
> And you can shop for coverage at any time of the year

Business Owners Less Than 50 Employees

Self-Funded Plans

We are now able to offer self-funded plans for small groups, where you can take control of your health care expensive while provided great quality benefits to your employees. By combining the cost savings of self-funding with the stability of more traditional plans, our Self-Funded Program gives you the simplicity and cost savings you’re looking for without the hassle of administering the program yourself. 

HRA Plans

Jackson Insurance can offer services that have solved both problems by reducing the high cost of health insurance with our financial health plans. By adding our Flex Life cash accumulation program employees can turn their health premium savings into equity. This enables them to get cash back on their underage health premiums and ensures that they will have the cash for their over 65 Medicare years.

Business Owners More than 50 Employees

Offering an affordable group health plan with low deductibles and low premiums can be difficult considering the risks that may be encountered throughout each year. We understand that injuries and illness can have a major impact on your health insurance rates. Here at Jackson Insurance Group, we can offer Health Plans for group coverage with deductibles as low as $500 per employee, little to no increase in premium, providing a low risk pool availability, and can keep current health insurance carrier from year to year.

We specialize in meeting the specific health insurance needs of municipalities, auto dealerships, and furniture manufacturers.

Group Plans

Our employer paid and voluntary term life
plans include customizable features that make it easy to implement and administer. We offer true guaranteed issue on both the basic and voluntary term life down to 10 enrolled employees, subject to plan participation requirements.

Our plans also offer family coverage options as well as portability, so an employee can continue coverage without evidence of insurability should they leave or change employment.

Jackson Insurance Group provides flexible options to help you select the plan designs that will benefit your group the most. Whether you are a small business owner with less than 50 employees or a large corporation with 1,000 employees, we have the tools and sources to customize your every need. 

 Group Dental and Vision Insurance is a benefit many employers provide for their employees as a voluntary benefit that is paid 100% by the employee through payroll deductions. Most dental plans provide full coverage which includes preventive exams & cleanings, basic services such as fillings & extractions, & major services such as root canals, oral surgery, & dentures. Most vision plans provide full coverage which includes eye examination, contact lenses, and glasses with frames with no waiting periods. 

Our accident plan provides cash benefits from day one for
medical treatment provided for injuries an insured receives from a covered accident. Benefits include payment for hospitalization, ER visits, bone fracture & dislocation, ambulance services, rehabilitative therapy and other related medical expenses.

All benefits are paid directly to the employee, regardless of any other form of insurance. There are no pre-existing limitations or waiting periods for benefits payable under the base plan. The plan is available for employees and their family members, and coverage is extended on a Guaranteed Issue basis for either non-occupational accidents or 24-hour coverage.

Long-Term Care is the type of care received either at home or in a facility, when someone needs assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing due to an accident, an illness or advancing age.  Following a diagnosis of either a chronic illness or cognitive impairment, employee will receive a monthly payment to help assist with everyday needs. Plans can be purchased on employee and employee family.

In the event of an unexpected illness or injury, being sick or injured can have a major financial impact on the employer and the employee. It may be possible to handle a day or two without pay, but what would you do if major sickness or injury keeps you out of work for weeks or months? There are two types of Disability Plans available -Long Term Disability and Short-Term Disability. Both plans pays cash directly to the employee depending on the coverage level and time needed off work. Disability Insurances offers flexible design options and benefit alternatives available to meet specific needs. 

An excellent value to add to any health insurance plan.
The Critical Illness insurance plan pays lump sum benefits direct to the insured on a tax-free basis, based on qualifying diagnosis by a healthcare professional. The plan pays up to the full-face amount of the coverage once per covered condition group – vascular conditions, cancer conditions, and all others. Family coverage options are available, with spouse and dependent coverage set at 50%
of the EE elected amount.

Critical Illness plans are available as employer paid programs using composite rating, or via a traditional voluntary offering with age banded uni-sex rates that are tobacco distinct. Coverage is extended on a guaranteed issue or simplified issue basis.

Retirement planning is the process of determining income goals and the actions and the decisions necessary to achieve these goals. It is a plan that lets you accumulate funds that can be used for retirement purposes. Here at Jackson Insurance Group, we offer an affordable approach to retirement planning that is offered through payroll deductions. Most 401k retirement planning requires the employer to contribute a “define contribution” per employee. However, there are other affordable options available to fit each company. These plans can be offered for groups of all sizes and individuals.

With high deductible plans more common each
day, employers are looking to control costs while employees are being faced with greater out of pocket exposure and financial risk. The Healthcare Indemnity Plan provides first dollar coverage, without any coordination or offset of benefits, based on the policy schedule of values Benefits are paid directly to the insured or to the service provider.
The plan includes indemnity payments for several healthcare related expenses, including office visits, hospitalization, ER treatment, prescription drugs, surgical events and other treatment and rehabilitative medical services. Coverage is extended to employees and their family members on a guaranteed issue basis, with a minimum of
10 enrolled individuals required to establish a group.

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