A Lifelong Journey

Darnell & Letisha Jackson standing next to their logo for Jackson Insurance Group

The most remarkable thing about beginning a new journey is not only in the allure of the destination, as
oftentimes that much is unknown, but it’s more so about the experience itself. The starting point, the
load you carry along the way, the interactions with different people, the experiences, the pitfalls, and of
course the lessons learned all become part of the amazing saga we call a journey.

A few years ago, Darnell and Letisha Jackson, owners of Jackson Insurance Group, began such a journey.
The ambitious husband and wife duo were entrepreneurs at heart and had invested a lot of hard work
and time into becoming leaders in their career fields. Darnell had worked his way up to a supervisor
position in a manufacturing plant, and Letisha was honing her skills as an insurance agent.

The skills they had acquired in these positions, combined with their entrepreneurial spirits, led them
both on an amazing, ongoing journey to success.

The successful agency we now know as Jackson Insurance Group, like many other successful
organizations, derived from very humble beginnings. But soon, the power couple’s teamwork landed
them in an office in downtown Tupelo, MS.

Three years ago, the dynamic duo was featured in an article in the local paper. The story highlighted the
growing company’s success, as they had moved their operations from their kitchen table to a downtown
office location, and again to an even bigger office to accommodate their growing client roster. This was
an amazing accomplishment within itself, but as with any ambitious risk-takers, the journey didn’t end
there for the Jackson’s.

It’s now 2021 and Jackson Insurance Group has become a benchmark insurance agency in the city of
Tupelo. Today, with 4 staff members and 11 licensed agents, the agency has yet again outgrown its
previous office and is now headquartered in a facility with multiple office spaces. Upon entering the
facility, one will be greeted by a staff of very helpful receptionists (“Mrs. Jackson will see you now”).

The hard work and dedication of Darnell and Letisha Jackson is very evident in the amazing growth they
have sustained throughout their continuous journey. Anyone who has defied the odds and allowed faith
to guide them understands how tedious growing a successful business and maintaining a happy and
nurturing work environment for employees can be.

Cynthia Ivy, a licensed insurance agent who works for Jackson Insurance Group stated “working at
Jackson Insurance Group is not only a career but more like going to work with your family. We pride
ourselves on integrity & making sure our clients are always number one. Working in a spiritual &
motivational atmosphere helps me daily with my growth. There’s nothing like loving what you do & the
people you work with!”

Happy employees are the foundation for most successful businesses. The company’s ability to maintain
such a positive working culture can be attributed to Darnell’s experience as a supervisor, and Letisha’s
experience as an insurance agent.

When Letisha was asked if the company was where she wanted it to be she stated the following:

“I am so excited because I am further along than I thought I would have ever been since 2018. We have
truly grown since. Our agency now has a total of 11 license agents and counting and staff of 4, which are
licensed as well. We have moved into a beautiful office space in which we just celebrated on. Our agency

continues to grow as we have been recognized by some insurance carriers as being one of their Top
Producing Agency. Darnell has recently taken on another role as being a full-time Pastor at our church
New Life Apostolic Church, which opened up during the pandemic of August 16, 2020, which also is too
growing. As we have surpassed our expectations, we now have other goals in mind that we are looking
to achieve.”

Looking back over the amazing journey of the Jackson’s as they build a legacy is astonishing. They are
not only building a legacy for themselves but also blessing others with an opportunity to grow. They are
paving a way that insures a lifelong journey.

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